Cutting Monthly Costs in Your Home

Owning your first home can be overwhelming; it’s uncharted territory! There’s no all-telling handbook out there with all of the tips and tricks needed to save significant money. Fear not! REME Homes is happy to help point out a few practices that can make a difference in your bank account. These simple actions and habits around the house can save you hundreds of dollars:

  1. Replace your bulbs.

LED bulbs are four times more efficient than the standard light bulb. By replacing your standard 60-watt bulbs with a 14-watt LED bulb, you will save $0.66 a month/bulb in your house (the average house has about 45 light bulbs). When you do the math, simply replacing bulbs can save you around $356.40 a year!

  1. Invest in a smart thermostat.

Smart Thermostats, like Nest or the Ecobee, guarantee to pay for themselves in 1-2 years. Your thermostat learning to adjust your A/C or heat when you aren’t home can save you up to 20% on your energy bill.

  1. Prevent Phantom Charges

Most of us leave things plugged in when we aren’t using them, and this is called a phantom charge. Entertainment centers, desktop computers, and kitchen items are the biggest culprits. It is too much of an inconvenience to unplug everything before going to bed or leaving the house, so use an outlet timer so that your electricity isn’t leaking throughout the night. Those that look out for phantom chargeshave noticed changes up to 22% off their electric bill.

  1. Hot Water Heater

Our hot water heaters typically account for 14% of our energy costs. The reality is that the water is kept much hotter than most people would ever need it. Most water heaters have a default setting of 140 Degrees. Lowering it down to 120 Degrees can save you up to $40 a year and still give you the hot water that you need.

  1. The Basics

Don’t sleep on the little things! Regularly changing the air filters, making sure to turn everything off when you leave, not leaving the water running, closing the blinds when you aren’t home, and not leaving front or back doors open will all help to keep your energy costs down.

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