First Steps for the First-Time Homebuyer

You’re doing it! 

You’re looking for your first home. Are you excited? You should be!

The process can be scary. Most of us can hardly commit to a diet, so the thought of a long-term commitment to a living space, a community, and the biggest purchase of your life can be a little intimidating. You deserve a home that you’re happy with, and you shouldn’t have to navigate these waters on your own. REME Homes is here to help; we’re here to share our suggestions that will help you find your perfect home.

“Where do I even start?”

There are a few standard questions that you need to be asking yourself as you begin this journey:

            Where do I want to live?
            How much space do I want?
            What kind of home do I want?

We all have wish lists, but remember that this is your first home. There needs to be a balance. A list of priorities will come in handy, but this list needs to be realistic and a little flexible. Writing out a list will save you from seeing too many of the homes you have no interest in and actually give you more options to choose from.

Don’t jump the gun.

Remember, this is a milestone in your life. You’re starry-eyed. It’s easy to imagine your future kids playing in that backyard you don’t own yet. When looking for homes it’s important to take your time. The first visit is for your heart; the house gives you a first impression and you immediately decide if you are interested or not. We recommend a second visit; this one’s for your head. Your excitement has cooled and you’re able to observe the home and the community more clearly.

There’s still work to do.

Lastly, moving in is exciting. You have been constantly thinking about your new home’s potential. But take a deep breath. Pace yourself; your furniture and décor will come in time. It will shock you how many unforeseen expenses will be added to your budget. It’s important to have some financial stability before and after purchasing your new home. The last thing anyone wants is for you not to be able to enjoy your house because of financial difficulties. As a general rule of thumb, we suggest that your mortgage be no more than 3x your yearly household income.

Buying a home doesn’t have to be all scary. Preparation and knowledge can go a long way. Whether it’s your first house or your fifth, at REME Homes we are excited to help you start your next chapter.

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