Houston's Home Builder

Learn more about our history, partnership, and the evolution of REME Homes as you know it today.

In 2013, Philip Carey, Alex Wilson, and Daniel Blanco started PAD Investments, LLC, a small residential investment company. After flipping several homes and capitalizing on favorable market conditions, they began buying land in/around the Greater Houston Area. In need of a home builder that understood real estate investment strategies along with contemporary design and quality workmanship, REME Homes, LP was created.

Four years later, Daniel, Alex, and Phil set out on the long journey of making a splash in the residential home building industry. Realizing that the vast majority of new construction homes available offered very little for potential buyers, REME vowed to offer above-average homes at below-average pricing. Over recent years, REME has evolved into a full-service, real estate company that focuses on three main components: land development, residential/commercial construction, and financial management solutions.